The Inspiration

(from founders, Lynda & David Charles)

In 1989, Joyce Wetter lost her fight against breast cancer.  Despite months of treatment, surgeries and determination, this horrific disease took her at an early age of just 49.  

To this day, I clearly remember her fighting battle, her will to live and also the financial means necessary to get her the help she required. When you see someone suffer greatly from a disease, then hold their hand as they pass on, it is life changing.  My mother is the real light that leads my path in the journey to help other women.

In March of 2009, our sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As a single woman, who had just started a new job, her treatments made her so weak and ill she could not work.  She didn't have income, and then, didn't have insurance. Despite the progression of her cancer, there was hope she would survive the disease. But how could she survive without financial help?

Within weeks of our sisters diagnosis, the assistant at our office was also diagnosed. So HELP THE FIGHT began. Both Dave and myself wanted to be able to help breast cancer patients, currently fighting this disease, especially with our country's economic situation.   

We started as...a bake sale!
HELP THE FIGHT began as a bake sale because it enabled people of all income levels to contribute to a great cause and be a part of something special.  A bake sale will always be a part of our annual fundraiser. We were fortunate to had have hundreds of donated items our very first year!  Lancaster County happens to be home to a many incredible bakers!

Our Mission

Help The Fight is a non-profit organization that provides supportive funding for those diagnosed with breast cancer. We call this gap funding, which helps patients with bills such as personal/household bills, medical treatment bills, daycare, insurance payments and much more. Help The Fight prides itself on helping the people. Financial assistance is also available for those needing the necessary screening process for early detection, as early detection is the key to the survival of breast cancer. Help The Fight is a 501(c)3 organization, EIN#27-0729960.

The funding process

Funding recipients will receive phone acknowledgement after their form is received by Help The Fight, and funds can typically be expected within two weeks. More details can be obtained by calling Susie at (717) 455-7095 or by filling out the funding form.

What you guys do is amazing! I proudly wear my help the fight pink bracelet every day because the help and support you guys gave me was awesome.
— J. Marie via Facebook

What We Have Achieved

  • Benefiting local breast cancer patients & prevention screening since 2009

  • Raised over $650,000 which provides necessary funds to cancer patients

  • 501(c)3 certified non profit organization

  • Funds raised & donated go directly towards helping patients

  • Volunteer driven

  • Receiving recognition from the local community to entire Mid-Atlantic region